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  1. Repeat after me: Apophis is not a danger! - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy
  2. Nasa preparing for arrival of ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid Apophis

Password Forgotten your password? Log in Cancel. If is associated with an Alamy account you'll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Chat now. The 11 years is due to the year gap between the two methods for dating events and prophecies in the book of Ezekiel. Some of Ezekiel's prophecies are dated from the second exile in BC, when Ezekiel went into exile , or the last and final one in BC, 11 years later.

To repeat, these things are explained in detail elsewhere. Here we assume basic familiarity with the concept.

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As said, there is an year gap. Thus, June 27, when the Balance Bible Code was discovered can be SBC or 11 years later on the calendar, which equals 11 x days plus two leap months for a total of days , which amounts to SAD These figures are consistent throughout the websites. We have said in several earlier articles already that June , , was a very important week of time. It represents a variation of a "seven-year" period as per Dan.

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However, here we are using this same time frame in both days and years. This, too, is not uncommon to many student of bible prophecy.

Repeat after me: Apophis is not a danger! - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

This concept, too, is explained in the bible numbers website. For example, as we shall see, the date for the possible earth-strike of Apophis is on April 13, Thus, the number of years and days "coincidentally" are the same. However, such coincidences are normative in the bible numbers, and this is why we are sure that this date is marked by God Himself.

As usual, both symbolic dates are important. We are using the term "jubilee" loosely here to simply mean a period of 49 years, with the 50th the jubilee year much the same way that we speak of a 'jubilee of marriage', etc. However, the literal jubilee began the year of the conquest of Canaan in BC. Thus there are 70 jubilees from the the symbolic date of Apophis in literal as fall SBC , back to itself. Since the jubilee is based on the symbolism of the number seven -the number of perfection, 70 x 7 x 7 is extremely important in bible numbers. It represents the end of the fullness of time.

However, one may conclude that the above is mere chance. However, the asteroid Apophis was thought to originally pose a threat to the obliteration of earth thought to be about a one-percent chance at one point seven years before BC, that is on April 13, Notice therefore this seven years between the two possible asteroid strikes and the 70 cycles of of Jubilees just discussed.

Nasa preparing for arrival of ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid Apophis

Note too, that the years of Dan. Thus, the seven-years between and falls succinctly within the last "week" or seven-years of the seventh cycle of years! As we shall see, this will fit in perfectly with the dates to do with the sign of Pluto.

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And recall that the entire symbolic grid is being forward by years, which is one of the variations of the seven-year period expressly given in the bible. Wheels within wheels within wheels! And if that is not enough, the year SAD literal April 13, is Nisan 16th on the Jewish calendar or 17th if after evening , which is the Feast of Firstfruits, and also the anniversary of when Jesus rose from the dead, either 16 or 17th, depending on which gospel you read John was using a different calendar system than the synoptic gospels.

This is increasingly gaining acceptance as likely true among scholars. However, on the calendar, April 13, was either the first month, the 15th day or 16th if after evening , Passover, which is the anniversary of when Jesus died, or it can be the second month, the 15 day, that is, "Second Passover"! Thus, the date of April 13, is Passover, the anniversary of when Jesus died according to the calendar, but Firstfruits, the anniversary of when Jesus rose from the dead on the normal Jewish calendar! And Passover begins a seven-day "one-week" of feasting, called Passover week.

This week, therefore, also fits in with the symbolic 70 x 7 x 7 days just discussed. This Passover week will dove tail with the Pluto figures, as we shall examine later on.

Hence, we have a two-week period all together. Keep in mind that Apophis will appear as a bright star in the sky for about a week before and after this one day. We have not given the symbolic dates for the would-be , April 13, Apophis strike. And though it will not strike according to the newest estimates, it nevertheless will come so close to earth that the gravitational pull will alter the orbit of Apophis into a different type of orbit, called the Apollo orbiting asteroid belt.

See "Apollo" and "Apollyon" in the book of Revelation 9. Both Apophis and Apollyon mean "Destroyer"! Hence, both dates directly relate to each other since it is the near miss on that though the odds are very unlikely may cause Apophis to instead strike earth exactly seven years later on Seven years is x 7 plus two leap days , equals It happens that the literal period of AD 68 marked a period of the siege of Jerusalem and dispersion AD 70 for years.

It also happens that SAD 68 plus 40 jubilees equals SAD , plus the next year as the 50th year in the ongoing cycles of sevens , so that SAD is the jubilee year. This is the literal year of the first asteroid strike. Both 70 and 40 are pregnant with symbolic meaning. Thus, both the symbolic date for the impact and also for impact both produce a figurative date that is 40 and 70 jubilees respectively back to itself!

What are the chances of this being random! The concept of the mirror is explained elsewhere , including these very dates to do with the four decrees for Dan. The date of SBC is aligned with two of the four dates. The date of is precisely along this very important tract of time. Moreover, as said earlier, the actual jubilee begins in the fall of BC, the year that the Promised land began to be conquered. Seventy jubilees later is fall of AD , plus 3. The signs of Pluto occurred along the tract of time that runs into the other two decrees of Dan. Thus, all these figures are saying the same thing and agree together.

All are accurate to the very day and form patterns so complex and intertwined that chance is eliminated by the rational mind. And there are other cycles and even , but perhaps we will explain that another time. The message to the Christian is that, "God has everything under control! Trumpets were sounded during the jubilee, by the way! There is coming a horde of false teaching by Islam and Roman Catholicism over the next three decades.

These are the symbolic "locusts" Rev. There are different interpretations of this passage, I know, but this is how I understand it in relation to the sign of Pluto and Apophis.


In another context the passage might have another meaning. I believe that the book of Revelation is multifaceted in its meaning, and is why there are so many different interpretations namely that there are so many valid ones. Here we are not concerning ourselves so much with what will happen in the final seven-year period of Tribulation at the end of the age, but what God is saying to us in the here and now. I believe that the book of Revelation speaks to both the now and the later. It is the failure to recognize this that has led to so much division of belief over this book.

As is so often the vase with theological issues, men are looking at the same thing from different perspectives because of theological bias and do not realize that the perspective of their opponent is equally valid. The only interpretations that one can dogmatically say is definitely wrong are those that leave Jesus out of its focus. The book of Revelation begins by saying that it is a revelation about and by Jesus, and the book later says that, "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy", Rev. We said that April 13, was Passover of the first or second month on the calendar.

However, April 13, seven years earlier is the 8th of the second or third month, or 9th if after evening. It happens that Pentecost is the 5th day of the third month on the calendar 50 days after Passover. The law was given to Moses on the feast of Pentecost according to tradition, and backed up by the book of Acts, chapter one. When the law was given, the Mountain quaked and smoked seven days with the sound of the trumpet blasts from heaven increasing in loudness on the first day, and Moses entering the cloud on the seventh.

This is a type of the seven-years of tribulation and God's wrath. Compare these verses about Mount Sinai with the events to do with the trumpet blasts of the book of Revelation. Note also that the seven trumpet-blast judgments find their similarity also in some of the 10 plagues that came upon Egypt several months before the law was was given.

The point of this comparison is that Apophis "The Destroyer" appears in the sky looking like a bright "star", or if it strikes earth, appearing like a "burning mountain". And April 13, , as said, is the 8th or the 9th if after evening of the third or second month. Because the week that the cloud covered mount Sinai was from the 5th to the 12th of the third month , therefore, late on the 8th, or the 9th if after evening is the middle of the anniversary of this week on Mount Sinai. And because this week represents the seven-years of tribulation found in the the book of Daniel and Revelation, and since the "week" seven-years of Daniel and Revelation is divided in half, therefore, Apophis landing in the middle of the anniversary of the week at Mount Sinai is logical.

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