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Depending on your family traditions, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you may bow your heads and say grace before your meal. But while many familiar cultural.

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Think back to this past June. Booksmart was in theaters. The first Democrati. Sagittarius season is here, and on Tuesday, November 26, the new moon will rise in the sign of the Archer. In astrology, the new moon — the phase of the.

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Mercury retrograde is over, Scorpio season is ending, and on November 22, Sagittarius season will begin. The sign of the Archer is known for impulsivity, o. Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Ending! Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods? The energy of this phase intensifies our feelings in regards to love and money, thanks to a triple conjunction with Venus, Pluto, and Saturn.

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It's time to examine your romantic and material desires and how they alter your journey. Charming Venus makes her way into ethereal Aquarius on December 20, encouraging us to take more independent action. This is an ideal time for you to get to know yourself and be comfortable in your own company. We're ready to make progress in our goals starting December 21 when the Sun enters ambitious Capricorn.

We need to set up clear guidelines and structures for our actions as we prepare for the new year.

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The last solar eclipse of the year arrives on December 26 at a. EST in Capricorn.

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Allow yourself to open up yourself to opportunity as this eclipse works with lucky Jupiter's trine with Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. Libra Sep Oct Scorpio Oct Nov Sagittarius Nov Dec Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar Ready, set, ascend! This Monday, December 2, can-do Jupiter rises to the top of the zodiac wheel until December 19, , joining masterful Saturn and transformational Pluto in Capricorn.

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